You’ll Want a Bench in Your Home Gym

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A health-conscious person who has no time to go to the gym ideally needs to have workouts at home. With this goal is the need to buy the necessary exercise equipment, such as a gym bench, and a set of dumbbells, for starters. The primary target here is to ensure that all the required exercises, for efficient fat-burning of the body’s problem areas, are done regularly.

Gym benches are very suitable for a home gym, whether simple or complex because they give: multi-tasking; proper weight training; and the best fat-burning methods. More so, they are very convenient to use. Using a seemingly simple-looking bench, the whole body can be toned with the correct exercises.

Choosing the most appropriate bench is vital to the workouts’ success. There are various types, ranging from the basic to the premium ones. Some benches that focus on arm exercises like the preacher curl. Most types are flat, and inclined/declined. The premium ones are adjustable.


The types are the: sit-up, step, equipment, flat, and incline benches. The sit-up bench is for toning the muscles of the abdomen. Some of these benches are adjustable; some are not. Some come with inclines; some do not. The step bench is for cardio and toning exercises.

The equipment bench is for storing gym equipment, right on it. Some look like the usual ones but have space to store weights underneath. The flat bench does not have back supports and cannot be inclined, but it is terrific for exercises targeting the upper body. Lastly, the incline bench is usually adjustable, for movements that aim to improve a different group of muscles.

In buying a gym bench, several factors must be considered, like the budget, the personal exercise needs, and the storage space at home. Before acquiring one, browsing through workout magazines and online stores will help a lot. A meticulous and keen buyer should be able to get the best product for his or her wants and needs.

The Best Kind Of Cardio Exercise

Are you looking for a form of exercise that will stimulate your heart and lungs?  Are you looking for a way of toning your body within a reasonable amount of time?  Answering yes to both of these questions qualifies you as someone that should get involved in cardio workout routines.

Cardio exercises revolve around any form of exercise that promotes the usage of large muscle groups in a continuous manner. This remarkable routine pumps the lungs full of fresh oxygen and increases the heart rate with ease.  These two components are needed if one wants a thorough workout.


Here are several different types of cardio training that you can get involved in:

Brisk Walking

Do you enjoy walking?  If so, you will be delighted to know that brisk walking is a form of cardio.  Walking fast around the block or park a few times will yield an excellent workout.


Swimming is one of the world’s favorite past times.  Swimming stimulates one’s heart and lungs during each stroke.  Swimming a few laps each week will suffice.


Kickboxing is a great way in which you can learn how to defend yourself and get in shape at the same time.  There are many different video instructional tapes and DVD’s in which you can choose.


Jogging several times a week.  Start off slow with a quarter of a mile and work your way up to jogging several miles per day.  It is important that you learn how to use moderation to your advantage.  This will help your body learn how to adjust to a larger work rate.

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It is wise for you to have a light snack at least thirty minutes before your cardio workout.  It is not smart to begin your routine on an empty stomach.  A light snack will give you enough energy to deal with the intensity of your routine.
Cardio training is one of the most efficient exercise regimens that is around today.  Make sure that you apply consistency with your training once you begin.  This tip alone will help you attain the results you desire within a reasonable amount of time.

Achieving a healthy weight can be done!

Being overweight causes some very serious illnesses. It’s tough on your joints and can shorten your lifespan if you’re significantly overweight. Being underweight has issues too. Osteoporosis, compromised immune system, hair loss and anemia can be associated with being underweight. If the low weight is due to illness or an eating disorder then it’s equal as life threatening as being overweight. Being realistic about your goal weight is critical. Every woman was built to be a certain size. Women are not “one size is all”. Working with your doctor to find your healthy weight is the way to go. Once you determine your healthy weight, I highly suggest you work with a nutritionist if you want to lose or gain weight.

Lose weight

I hate the word diet. Only because I associate it with fad diets. Going on a fad diet to lose weight is not the way to go.

Changing your food choices is the better way to go. Learning to choose healthy foods and healthy portions of those foods is the winning ticket to permanent weight loss! Visit the food section of this website to find out more about healthy food choices. Going on fad diets can mess up your metabolism. Your body is amazing. It adapts to it’s situation. It goes into survival mode. I suggest not going under 1200 calories unless you’re extremely overweight and are working with your doctor.



Want to lose weight? You need to exercise! Without argument to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you eat. Exercise helps burn calories! Regular planned exercise is best but so is just moving a lot throughout your day! Get up every hour and move! Go outside and jump up and down on your best outdoor trampoline now! You can dance, walk up and down stairs, vacuum or dust…just be in motion.Visiting the other sites will enlighten you as to how much, when and what kind of exercise you need.


You need to learn food portions and learn them well! Weighing and measuring your food works!It makes you aware of what a portion is. Using smaller bowls and plates helps make your portions look bigger. They also limit how much you can put on or in them.

When you’re at a restaurant, it can be challenging not over to eat. They give you huge portions! A good measure for portions is to use your fist. A reasonable portion is usually a fist size. Asking for a doggie bag the same time you order is helpful. You can put the extra food in the doggie bag to take home and enjoy later. If you’re not able to bring it back, let it go! Change you thinking from “I paid for that” to I’ll pay for that later if I eat it! Make the best choices you can. Avoid foods that are in sauces, fried or are topped with butter. Tell your waiter to leave the sauce and butter off. Enjoy your food. Eat slowly.


Keeping a food journal doubles your chance of successful weight loss!When you write down every bite, you take you become aware of what you’re eating. If you want to lose weight you need to be aware of every bite you take.Get a notebook or journal that you like. Having one that makes you happy to look at is a plus.Getting a journal or notebook that fits in your purse so you can have it with you when you eat out helps too.

Yes, a lot of drinks have calories too! Those calories count! Invest in a good calorie book to keep track of your calories or use the website below. I suggest a journal until you reach your goal weight and then for a few months after that.I also propose that you write alternative behaviors in your diary. Write a list of healthy things that you like to do such as reading, taking bubble baths, walking at the park, playing with your dog. When you feel like you want to pick an activity from your list and busy yourself until the feeling passes.

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Getting enough sleep is crucial to weight control! If you don’t get enough, you will gain weight! You have hormones that are affected by the lack of sleep. They’ll cause you to eat more and gain weight if you don’t get enough sleep! Getting 7 to 9 hours every night is a must.


Who doesn’t like to shop? It can be a real set-up for overeating. Purchasing healthy foods and beverages are crucial to your success. Don’t go shopping hungry! You can make bad choices when you’re hungry. Have a small snack before you go or time your shopping after your meals. Try to plan your weekly meals and snacks before you go then shop accordingly. Have a list of things you need. That will help prevent you from getting junk food. Keeping problem foods out of the house is very helpful. Out of sight out of mind!If you have young children, it helps them too. Feeding them healthy food sets habits that will last their lifetimes. If your husband insists on having junk food try to find a place to store it that isn’t readily available. Out of sight out of mind.


Your mind is a powerful thing! Your thoughts have a significant impact on your emotions and your actions. Positive affirmations are important to help counter your negative thoughts. Tell yourself kind words every day! Negative thoughts will happen. To deny them is not the goal. To help redirect them is. If you tell yourself “I’m fat and useless” generally that leads to negative actions. If you tell yourself “I want to lose weight, and I need to find some interests” the result is positive actions.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are very serious!  You must get help! I suffered from an eating disorder for 17 years. I’m happy to tell you that I’ve had over 25 years of success! I was hospitalized for eight weeks and an outpatient for five years. It’s a tough disease, and it is life threatening. But there is help and hope. I’m a living example of that.

In conclusion

You can achieve a healthy weight. Being realistic about how much you should weigh is crucial. You were born to be a certain size. Finding that size should be your goal. Embracing who you are and enjoying it should be your goal. Eat healthy food in healthy portions, get your exercise, sleep and say kinds words to yourself. Your thoughts are powerful! Your thoughts control your emotions and your emotions control your actions. Find ways to be kind to yourself. You are important.